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In collaboration with Almashtal Creative Space, KNZ present to you KNZLAB, a space for learning, experimenting and performing.

KNZLAB’s mission is to provide talents with a creative music space and advanced knowledge to embark on their journey.

  • By learning through our programs, recording at our facilities, or connecting in our exclusive events, we offer a complete experience and guide to electronic music.
  • To build strong relationships and continue shaping our community, we engage with all kinds of talents by creating unique events and possibilities for collaboration

About KNZ

KNZ Started as a Record Label in 2017 in Los Angeles with its weekly radio show on Woodbury University Radio in 2018 – 2019. Hosted guests as professors, students, artists and university staff. Provided general information & local news. We also talked about music & nightlife in Los Angeles. Later on, the company was developed as a Creative Agency in 2020 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Currently, KNZ operates as a record label, a music lab as well as an event organizer bringing new experiences to the Kingdom.


We believe that an intimate learning experience for our students is more effective to achieve their goals. Our classes are small, with the latest music technology and taught by the most experienced producers in the region.


A complete guide to music production and sound design with local and regional artists.


Explore the world of performance and experiment with latest equipment and techniques.


Learn how to build your artistic project as well as how to take it beyond a “side thing”.

ELECTRONIC MUSIC PRODUCTION Introduction to music production

This Electronic Music Production course is perfect for beginners who want to learn the core principles of electronic music production and hone their skills to express their creative ideas.


-Basic principles of sound
-Basic principles of MIDI
-Introduction to Ableton Live
-Programming a MIDI drum playback

6 students per class

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Intro to DJ is a 4-week course with the principal objective to teach participants the fundamentals of the disc jockey craft. The classes will explore the technique and mathematics of djing. Students will learn how to use modern professional DJ equipment. The class will culminate with a Final Project.


-Learn the technical origins of DJ mixing
-Hands-on with latest DJ controllers
-Leaning various mixing styles based on genres

4 students per class

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ARTIST DEVELOPMENT How to build your artist brand

A step-by-step guideto build your project as a musician, offering practical tips on how to implement and create a coherent look and feel for your music.


-Basic Principles of Defining yourself as an Artist
-Selection of Genre and Niche
-Build your Moodboard and Direction
-Develop Presskit & Technical Ride

6 students per class

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JEME, a DJ/Producer born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Throughout his upbringing he has been exposed to the various classical styles and traditional instruments, which hold a great influence in his music evolution

The road to music was not a clear path, however the passion for it was inescapably present. JEME was craving diversity and growth, so he decided to continue his studies in California and was exposed to the blooming music scene of Los Angeles.

JEME produced his first single “High to Be Happy” in 2019, which got signed by Los Angeles based record label VIBRAS. Since then JEME has been learning new techniques to create and shape his sound to be deep, groovy and dreamy. Combining cosmic and nostalgic tones, JEME aims to provoke his audience with an array of emotions all at once.


Agha, Berlin based music producer & DJ, in constant flux between the shores of Middle Eastern rhythms and Western melodies. He is a storyteller, giving the listener an experience that brings sounds of nature and nostalgia to a new electronic significance.

An artist project by Omar Agha, who grew up in Saudi Arabia and was raised in a Lebanese – German household. He began to DJ at the age of 14 years old, then decided to pursue a career in design and was recognized for his work as a branding expert in the region. In 2018, he moved to Berlin to kick off his music career, pursued studies in Electronic Music Production at Catalyst school in Funkhaus where he started bringing to life his own interpretations and sounds to the world. Ever since, Agha had been exposed to the industry and performed in Berlin, Beirut, KSA and Burning Man. His latest release with Zone+ on Klassified Records had great success and was placed in Best Sellers 2020 by Beatport.

Omar has been bridging his design expertise to the music industry and patiently developing his sound. While collaborating with several music label in Berlin, working with Saisons Musique, a music label based in Montreal, as a creative director and recently joining KNZ in Saudi Arabia, Omar has been assisting in shaping brands and helping artists develop their brand image.