KNZ Records X Almashtal

KNZ Records X Almashtal

The brand new KNZ Lab was born out of the collaboration between KNZ Records and AlMashtal Creative Incubator.

It is a recording studio, learning space, and incubator to discover and nurture future talents in the music field.

We want to provide our talents with a creative music space and advanced knowledge to embark on their journey.

We believe that an intimate learning experience for our students is more effective to achieve their goals.

About KNZ Records

It started as a record label in Los Angeles in 2017 with a weekly radio show on Woodbury University Radio from 2018 - to 2019, with professors, students, artists, and university staff as guests. The radio show provided general information on local news, music, and Los Angeles nightlife. In 2020, KNZ evolved into a creative agency in Riyadh, KSA.

Electronic Music Production

Introduction to music production

This Electronic Music Production course is perfect for beginners who want to learn the core principles of electronic music production and hone their skills to express their creative ideas.

Key Learnings -

-Basic principles of sound
-Basic principles of MIDI
-Introduction to Ableton Live
-Programming a MIDI drum playback


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DJ & Music Performance

Introduction to DJ

Intro to DJ is a 4-week course with the principal objective to teach participants the fundamentals of the disc jockey craft. The classes will explore the technique and mathematics of djing. Students will learn how to use modern professional DJ equipment. The class will culminate with a Final Project.

Key Learnings -

-Learn the technical origins of DJ mixing
-Hands-on with latest DJ controllers
-Leaning various mixing styles based on genres


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Artist Development Course

How to build your artist brand

A step-by-step guide to build your project as a musician, offering practical tips on how to implement and create a coherent look and feel for your music.

Key Learnings -

-Basic Principles of Defining yourself as an Artist
-Selection of Genre and Niche
-Build your Moodboard and Direction
-Develop Presskit & Technical Ride


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JEME is a DJ/producer. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, throughout his upbringing he has been exposed to the various classical styles and instruments of Arabic music, which hold a great influence in his music evolution.


Omar is a Berlin based DJ/ producer and creative director who grew up in Saudi Arabia and has almost a decade of experience in creating and developing brands in industries such as music, telecom, technology, and others.